Who Files Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Filing Sheet

The thought of filing bankruptcy can seem daunting, embarrassing, and even confusing. You may believe that you are the only one in a difficult financial situation. Under any form of financial burden or stress, it is easy to feel alone and isolated from those around you.

But the truth is, you are not alone. Many people are facing or have faced a financial struggle during their lifetime. There is no single type of person who contemplates filing bankruptcy. Financial burdens affect all age groups, all income levels, all ethnicities, and all educational levels.There is no typical person who files bankruptcy.

Likewise, the reasons for filing bankruptcy differ from person to person. Perhaps you have recently lost your job or have a struggling business. You may be worried about a looming foreclosure, repossession, or wage garnishment. Domestic issues such as divorce, a recent separation, or death in your family may also be causing you to face financial hardship.You may have significant medical or credit card bills. And, like many people, you may be facing a combination of these situations.

Bankruptcy may be able to help address your current financial situation and provide you with the fresh start that you need. There are different types of bankruptcy that can be utilized to best address your individual situation. It is important to meet with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can properly analyze your specific situation and guide you as to your different options.

No matter the complexity of your financial situation, the bankruptcy attorneys at Hoover Penrod are happy to meet with you. Our lawyers have been helping individuals in the Shenandoah Valley since 1935, and we have the experience necessary to guide you through this difficult time in your life so that you can achieve the fresh start you deserve.

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[1]This does not apply to business cases.