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Employment law is ever-evolving, and it can be difficult for an employee to know what rights they have. Effective lawyers can vindicate your rights, but also help you avoid having to take legal action against your employer.

Our Employment Law Services

Contract Review

Contracts are often at the center of employment disputes, and can give rise to a wide range of issues. Employees may come to us for help to review and understand their employment rights and obligations according to a contract, including:

  • Compensation and promotion provisions
  • Employer expectations of duties, hours, or other terms of work
  • Non-disclosure and non-compete restrictive covenants
  • Tenure or duration of employment matters
  • Termination or disciplinary matters

We work closely with you to help you resolve the contractual issue before you.

Harassment and Discrimination

If you have experienced harassment or discrimination at work, our attorneys will work with you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your case, as well as the cost of settlement versus litigation. We use alternative dispute resolution methods to handle employment disputes when doing so is more appropriate than going to court.

Compensation and Pay

Wage and hour laws are complex and depend on the industries employees work in. Employers in every industry commit wage violations by miscalculating compensation rates, misclassifying employees, or failing to pay wages on time. We can help you determine if your employer is not complying with federal or state law and, if they’re not, help you recover compensation that you earned.

Hoover Penrod proudly serves as general counsel for a wide range of companies in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. From small developing businesses to middle-market and well-established companies, we provide personalized advice and complete legal services that help your business grow. We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the legal requirements and technicalities that your business must comply with to ensure its wellbeing.

Our Business & Commercial Law Services

Managing the Life Cycle of Your Company

We partner with you to manage all of the issues involved in a company’s life cycle, including:

    Business Creation and Governance

    We assist clients with entity formations, bylaws, shareholder agreements, LLC operating agreements, matters relating to governance structure, disputes, deadlock, etc.

    Business Operation

    We regularly represent businesses as operational entities, routinely advising them on the best way to manage ongoing operations and protect their interests.

    Transactions and Acquisitions

    We negotiate, draft, and review commercial contracts with suppliers, distributors, venders, etc.; draft and review purchase contracts; and advise on real estate matters, governmental approvals, asset purchases, asset sales, and financing.

    Employment Law

    We supply our business clients with employee handbooks, contracts, non-compete agreements; advise them on compliance, disciplinary and termination matters; and, when needed, provide litigation services. Read more about our Employment Law services.

    Commercial Collections

    We handle collections for businesses and banks quickly and deftly to capture value whenever possible. We provide guidance to your in-house collection personnel, implement systematic collection strategies to efficiently obtain judgments on your behalf, and we are experienced in a wide range of post-judgment collection procedures (garnishments, levies, creditor’s bills, sheriff sales, foreclosures, UCC sales, etc.) and know how and when to utilize the proper collection tools at your disposal. We frequently provide clients with services relating to workouts and bankruptcy, enabling them to collect funds in situations where recovery would be otherwise doubtful.

    Succession & Dissolution

    We can assist you with succession planning, generational transfers, split-ups, dissolutions, executive exits, restructuring and workouts, and bankruptcy services.

    We can spend time on-site at your business to understand and assess the values, environment, and people that shape your business – and the needs that will affect your bottom line.

    We focus on serving small, privately-owned business enterprises, including start-ups, family-owned businesses, mid- to large-sized entities, suppliers and service providers, and affiliates. We can help you develop a sound business strategy and find practical solutions to multi-faceted business problems.