What are the First Steps in My Divorce Case?

If you or your spouse is contemplating separation or divorce, you are likely to have many questions:

  • Who will move out of the home?
  • What will happen with our children?
  • Who will pay our bills?
  • What will we do about our property?
  • Will I have to pay, or will I be entitled to receive, child support or spousal support (alimony)?  If so how much will the support payments be?
  • What other issues are there that I’m not thinking of?
  • Which of these issues do I need to resolve first?

And how can I resolve these issues with my estranged spouse?

Every marriage, and therefore every divorce, is different. These issues and how they may be resolved are unique to each case, and the different options can be complicated and even overwhelming. The emotional aspects of separation and divorce can make it even more difficult to navigate these complicated issues.

The first step, if you or your spouse is contemplating separation or divorce, is to speak with an experienced domestic relations attorney to help you identify the important issues in your case and come up with a strategy to resolve those issues. If possible, it is best to meet with an attorney to discuss your options before you separate and, if not, you should meet with an attorney as soon as you can so that you can ensure that you are moving forward in the best way possible from the beginning.

The goal in your divorce case is not to have a “battle” or even to take your case to trial. The Harrisonburg domestic relations attorneys at Hoover Penrod PLC are experienced in helping you identify what issues need to be resolved in your case and in helping you solve those problems as efficiently and productively as possible. They can advise you as to your options and strategies not only in Court, but also in how to use other methods such as negotiation, mediation, and collaborative law to resolve disputes.

If you or your spouse is considering a separation or divorce and you want to speak with an experienced domestic relations attorney, call Hoover Penrod PLC at 540-433-2444 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. We serve Staunton, Winchester, and all surrounding areas from our Harrisonburg, Virginia location.