Crafting Child-Support Arrangements That Put Children First

Two Kids Sitting Next To Each Other

In divorce cases involving children, securing the current and future welfare of the children is always of paramount importance.

The guiding principle is to do what’s right for the child. Under Virginia law, child support must adequately provide for a child’s needs, subject to whatever economic constraints his or her parents may face.

Virginia’s child-support guidelines take into account:

  • Decision-making authority;
  • Child-care time;
  • Each parent’s economic potential;
  • Health insurance costs and other expenses.

At Hoover Penrod PLC, the firm’s family law attorneys are highly skilled at sorting out the multitude of knotty and emotional issues involved in child support. They approach these matters in a spirit of fairness that avoids inflaming the anxieties that can be kindled in any divorce proceeding.

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