Child Custody and Support in Harrisonburg

Serving Harrisonburg, Staunton, Winchester and Nearby Areas of Virginia

If you have children and are considering separation or divorce, child custody and support are important issues. Our Harrisonburg divorce attorneys at Hoover Penrod PLC handle child custody, support, and visitation matters for select clients who are entering into a divorce, as well as parents who have never been married.

Our goal is always to help parents decide what is best for the children. We encourage our clients to negotiate or mediate a private settlement agreement whenever possible. Private settlements are not only less expensive than litigation in court, it is also best if parents can agree between themselves the circumstances in which their children will be raised. In those rare cases where settlement is not possible, we are prepared to vigorously represent our clients in court.

Child Custody Dos and Don'ts Infographic

Virginia Child Support Guidelines

The amount of child support you owe or receive is based upon many factors, including the decisions made about child custody and parenting time, each parent’s income, and costs for health insurance and child care. We will carefully analyze every proposed child support order to ensure it is in compliance with Virginia state guidelines.

Legal Guidance for Adoptions

Hoover Penrod PLC also handles both domestic and international adoption cases. Adoption can be a complex process, involving several important financial, legal, and medical considerations. We can help facilitate a smooth process for every party involved. Our attorneys represent both adoptive couples and birth parents in all aspects of adoption.

To schedule a consultation with one of our Harrisonburg child custody lawyers, please contact Hoover Penrod PLC or call 540-433-2444. We serve clients throughout Harrisonburg, Staunton, Winchester, and the nearby areas in Virginia.