Property Division

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For many people, fairly dividing finances, possessions, debts, and assets during a divorce is one of the most daunting aspects of the process. Property division can be approached in one of two ways: either you and your spouse come to a mutual agreement through negotiation or mediation, or a judge will decide how your property is divided in court.

It is best to at least attempt mediation before submitting your property dispute in court and we can assist you with every step of the process to ensure that you are treated fairly.

Although mediation is the ideal option for resolving a divorce case, not every situation can be resolved so easily. In cases that are fraught with conflict, our attorneys will leverage their extensive trial experience to help you pursue the best possible outcome, protecting your finances and the rights of you and your children.

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Documenting Your Property and Finances Before Divorce

The Harrisonburg divorce attorneys at Hoover Penrod PLC can help you investigate the household and business finances of both your and your spouse before initiating divorce proceedings so you can:

  • Accurately assess the full extent of property and finances
  • Reduce the odds that your spouse will conceal assets from you
  • Avoid accusations of hiding assets yourself

We understand the difficulty of your current situation. We take the emotions out of the equation and approach the question of property division from a calm, experienced point of view.

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