Employment Litigation Prevention

Serving Harrisonburg, Staunton, Winchester and Nearby Areas of Virginia

As employment lawsuits become more frequent, our business clients have become increasingly interested in taking proactive steps to prevent potential disputes with their employees. Employment disputes can disrupt a company’s work environment, and significantly impact its credibility with both employees and the public.

Preventing these disputes helps can help to maintain a positive work environment, increase productivity, and increase employee morale.

Creating and Managing a Successful Business Culture

A positive business culture is critical to the success of your business.

Beyond helping you develop written policies, our employment lawyers can also provide supervisory and personnel training and other strategic assistance to help you develop a constructive business culture. Managing workplace issues such as disputes, harassment, bullying, retaliation, and anger can defuse these issues before they become problems and make your business a better place to work.

We can also design a compliance plan to document policy training, hiring and promotion practices so that your business can demonstrate its good faith efforts to prevent discrimination at your business.

Establishing Effective Employment Policies and Practices

Our Harrisonburg employment attorneys have helped many businesses throughout the Shenandoah Valley develop employee handbooks, policies, and practices. Employment handbooks often include:

  • How employee complaints will be handled
  • What type of disciplinary action will be taken with offenders
  • Details about the appeal process if employees are not satisfied with the outcome of a complaint
  • Discussion of retaliation (another form of discrimination)

In our experience, employers that establish strong measures to prevent and address harassment and discrimination before disputes occur are much less likely to end up in expensive litigation and tend to have much happier workplaces. Hoover Penrod can help your company evaluate and manage the risks caused by employer/employee disputes, create strategies to avoid those risks, and make sure your company is in compliance with current employment laws.

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